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You are responsible for registering your child’s insurance through British Gymnastics by visiting Memberships ( Failure to do so will mean your child is not insured and will not be able to train or compete in competitions. Registration for British Gymnastics insurance is renewed annually October 31st of each year. Avondale Gymnastics will advise you when renewal is due.


Very well done to the 38 girls & boys that took part in the Neon Competition on Sunday 19th November.

Avondale managed to achieve a very respectable 24 1st-6th places!
6 gold medals, 7 silver medals, 3 bronze medals, 2 fourth places, 3 fifth places and 3 sixth places. WELL DONE EVERYONE!

Round 1 (Girls)

Sofia Muller 9yrs Level AP 1st Gold
Amelia Jin 9yrs Level AP 3rd Bronze

Round 2 (Girls)

Olivia Brooks Benz 7yrs Level 1 1st Gold
Ailish Pakulis 8yrs Level 1 1st Gold
Sofia Kearns 8yrs Level 1 2nd Silver
Freya Sykes 7yrs Level 1 5th Rosette
Mihaela Palii 8yrs Level 1 5th Rosette

Round 2 (Boys)

Teddy Naismith 6-7yrs Level 1 4th Rosette
Henry Tindell 6-7yrs Level 1 6th Rosette

Round 3 (Girls)

Harriet Stewart 9yrs Level 2 1st Gold
Jessica Stewart 10-12yrs Level 2 2nd Silver
Niamh Humphreys 8yrs Level 2 3rd Bronze
Georgia Meredith 9yrs Level 2 4th Rosette

Round 3 (Boys)

Louis Masjedi 6-7yrs Level 2 1st Gold
Miles Dean 6-7yrs Level 2 2nd Silver

Round 4 (Girls)

Sofia Cook 8yrs Level 4 1st Gold
Elizabeth Maramba 8yrs Level 4 2nd Silver
Olivia Shine 8yrs Level 3 2nd Silver
Holly Engall 11-12yrs Level 4 3rd Bronze
Kayla Salamao De Lemos 9yrs Level 3 6th Rosette

Round 5 (Girls)

Rosalie Penagos 10yrs Level 4 5th Rosette
Kitty Crouch 9yrs Level 4 6th Rosette

Round 6 (Girls)

Elaie Zezelj 10yrs Level 5 2nd Silver
Nora Wake 12+yrs Level 5 2nd Silver

Also a well done to Lottie Neel who won the best Neon sign comp in her round (Round 4) her prize was a £10.00 book voucher and some sweets.

Thank you to our wonderful coaches Michaela, Hazel, Abbie and Tom.
Thank you Neon for another GREAT Competition!

All pictures added to the Gallery Page

Kind regards,
Mrs. M. Marshall
Club Manager

Congratulations to ALL our gymnasts that took part in the Neon Competition on Sunday 25th June.

A special shout out to:

Elizabeth Maramba Gold Medal 8yrs.
Niamh Humphreys Gold Medal 8yrs.

Nancy Ward Silver Medal 8yrs.
Nadia Kelly Silver Medal 9yrs.
Elena Urbanowicz Silver Medal 10yrs.

Matilda James Bronze Medal 8yrs.
Georgia Meredith Bronze Medal 9yrs.

Bree McLaughlin 4th place 8yrs.
Amelia Jin 4th Place 9yrs.
Sophia Muller 4th place 9yrs.

Liberty Blyth Trewartha 5th place 8yrs.
Olivia Shine 5th place 8yrs.
Kayla Salamao De Lemos 5th place 9yrs.

Maia O’Dwyer 6th place 11yrs.
Nora wake 6th place 12yrs.

Also well done to Elena Urbanowicz and Nancy Ward who won the
Neon sign comp in their round.

Thank you to our coaches and to Neon for hosting a great competition

Kind regards,

Mrs Mary Marshall
Club Manager


London GfA Floor & Vault April 2023

Some of our advanced gymnasts took part in the London Gymnastics Floor and Vault competition on 22nd & 23rd April 2023.

This was our first competition post covid, so it was a new experience for most of these gymnasts.

They all performed well and enjoyed showing their routines to an audience.  

Avondale won two bronze medals so credit to Matilda James and Amelia Jin.

Well done to ALL the gymnasts that participated and a big thank you to their coaches.


Our next competition is on Sunday 25th June 2023

Good Luck to all the Avondale gymnasts who will be taking part.

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