2018 was quite a successful year for competition results.

Girls Regional Grades Championships 03/03/2018

Olivia Mace: Distinction

Jessica Bite: Passed

Sofia Prawdziak: Passed

Grade 6 (Out of Age)

Jessie Lillie: Distinction 4th/29

Latina Natarajan: Distinction 8th/29

Grade 5 (In Age) 

Jessica Cashman: Distinction 7th/37

Sara Malik: Distinction 13th/37

Grade 4 (In Age)

Emmie Atkinson: Distinction 1st/20 Gold medal overall

National Grades 4-1 Championships

Olivia Lett: Passed

Voluntary In & Out of Age Level 5 Spring Championships

Level 5: 9 yrs

Jessica Cashman: Bronze Medal overall

Jessie Lillie:

Level 5: 13 years

Mia Anghileri-Jarman 10th

Level 5: 14+ years

Florence Hills: 8th

Team Championships Sunday 10th June

Emmie Atkinson, Mia Anghileri-Jarman, Jessica Cashman & Florence Hills represented Avondale in the Level 5 Senior Team Competition.

They did very well competing in a Senior category in spite of the fact that 3 of them were 2-3 years younger.

WEll Done to ALL Gymnasts and Coaches!